2016 marks 15 years of Ss Records, which is pretty insane. Most small record labels are up and over within three years, but for some reason (pigheadedness, luck, not knowing any better, etc.), Ss Records has managed to drag itself into through 14 and soon into 15 years of existence.  So it is time to throw a little shindig.

For our 15th birthday, Ss Records will hijack the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco on Friday January 15 and Saturday January 16, 2016 (that is MLK Day weekend, for you who plan things in advance. It is also anti-tourist season in the Bay Area). This is what the line up for SS15 looks like:

Friday, January 15
100 Flowers (original line-up), Spray Paint (only West Coast show), Pony Time (only Bay Area show), Screature.  Buy An Advance Ticket!

Saturday, January 16
Lil Bunnies (only show), Life Stinks, Ozzie (only show), Andy Human & the Reptoids.  Buy An Advance Ticket!

The Sounds of SS15