Foggy in the winter, stifling heat in the summer, Screature is a creature of the Sacramento Valley.  In the dark shadows there are howls and giggles, a brooding organ and piercing guitar.  Barnabas and Victoria would be please. Ha! And so will you! 


When Screature formed in 2008, only one of them knew how to play. So they trapped themselves in a barn with their Rudimentary Peni and Music Machine records and pounded away until they go something. They debuted in a support slot for Death Grips and have since played with everyone from the Grave Babies to Lydia Lunch. They have two albums - both on Ss, both produced by Chris Woodhouse - and are the pride and joy of Sacramento music freaks.  More from Screature.


Screature will be playing the first night of SS15, Friday, January 15, 2016.



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