100 Flowers

100 Flowers


100 Flowers are one of the most unique and exciting American underground rock & roll bands...period. Started in 1978 as a five piece under the name The Urinals, the band was a piss-take on punk rock. After a while the quintet became a trio of Kevin Barrett, Kjehl Johansen, and John Jones (later Talley-Jones). This new line-up could barely play their instruments, but smartly tapped into the smart primitive, minimalist side of punk and did much more with less. 


After a few years and a few eps, the band "the band felt uneasy using a moniker than no longer reflected the throwaway attitude of its early days" and changed their name to 100 Flowers100 Flowers made one perfect LP and a handful of stellar eps, singles, and comp tracks, all in rotation at the Ss household since they day they were released. The band ended in 1983.


Since their departure, the original trio of 100 Flowers has played only a handful of times, most recently for the reissue of their lone album on Superior Viaduct (and then billed as the Urinals). We were able to convince the original line-up of 100 Flowers -

Kevin Barrett, Kjehl Johansen, and John Talley-Jones - to reassembled just to play SS15. More on 100 Flowers.


100 Flowers are playing night one of SS15, Friday, January 15, 2016. 

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