Life Stinks

Life Stinks


I am not sure whether they were named after the Rocket From The Tombs/Pere Ubu song or the Mel Brooks movie, but combine the two and you have a pretty good representation of Life Stinks, the band.  Throw a fucked-up world into the mix, with a mega-dose of black humor and you have Life Stinks, the sound. 


Dark, morbid, emotional, catchy, Life Stinks is dancing on the edge of oblivion, laughing in the mouth of Flipper-esque riffs, Stooge-oid stomping, Velvet-like textures, and demented angles.  Two albums on Ss, two singles on Total Punk, and one of the best live bands in the Bay Area.  More from Life Stinks.


Life Stinks are playing night two of SS15, Saturday, January 16, 2016.


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