Pony Time

Pony Time


Stacy and Luke met in Seattle helping a friend move a stereo in 2009, and soon after Stacy became Luke’s electrician apprentice before realizing that what they really wanted to do was start a band together. Peck (who also plays drums in Childbirth) is an Aries and music video director who enjoys television and giving inanimate plush toys silly voices while Luke is a galactic activation portal Libra who is not only a magician behind the bass, but can also do a surprising number of card tricks. But what they really do is play great rock & roll!


Pony Time takes the best parts of the garage rock sound and leaves behind the bonehead bro attitude, creating something that transcends the genre with pure energy and the kind of chemistry that only exists between bandmates who are friends in real life - or, if you want some shorthand, think Troggs-like hooks, Wounded Lion pop-sense, and Beat Happening’s sense of whimsy. Their Rumours 2: The Rumours Are True album will be released on Ss in FebruaryMore from Pony Time.


Pony Time are playing the first night of SS15, Friday, January 15, 2016.

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