About Ss Records

About Ss Records


In 2000, the A Frames came to Sacramento to record with Chris Woodhouse. They had been entranced by the recordings that he did of his band Karate Party and they wanted to fuse their sound with his.  Woodhouse used The Loft to record in. The Loft was a practice/performance space run by Scott Soriano. Woodhouse also lived across the hall from Scott. So when the A Frames came to record, Scott sat in on the sessions and hung out with the band, singing Electric Eels songs over beers.  


Having been out of the record game for a few years, the A Frames brought Scott back. Not wanting to go it alone, Scott recruited his friend Sakura Saunders, who was also friends with the A Frames and the program director at KDVS.  Scott and Sakura (SS) decided that the label was to be a singles label and that they'd be fine with losing a couple hundred bucks a year. The A Frames' Plastica, their first record, was released in 2001. 


With the A Frames first full length, the singles label turned into a label proper and records started to sell. In 2003, Sakura left Ss Records to fight the good fightScott has gone it alone since. There have been good years and bad years, but no boom or bust and always good records.  The label has released over 80 records by 69 artists from over 10 countries - a respectable discography for a label run out of back rooms and a kitchenette. 


Ss Records can be found at Ssrecords.com, Revolver/Midheaven distribution, or at a fine record store in your town. 


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