Andy Human & The Reptoids

Andy Human & The Reptoids


Andy Human & the Reptoids pedigree is certainly impressive, but I think we are beyond the "former members of" phase for this band.  Given the flaw-free, rock spasm of their debut and their increasingly dominant live show, Andy and his reptilian buddies have proven that they are stand-alone great. 


Andy Human & the Reptoids pre-punk/post-punk mutation has earned them praise on Pitchfork (a pick for the Summer 2015's best albums), Noisey Italia, Delayed Gratification, and other digital rags. Fans walk out of their shows razzed, non-fans walk out new fans.  Ss is very happy to have AH&TR on the label.  More from Andy Human & the Reptoids.


Andy Human & the Reptoids will be playing night two of SS15, Saturday, January 16, 2016.


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