One of Sacramento's most iconoclastic eclectic obscurantist proto-punk-art-rock bands, from 1975 to 1982. Ozzie made science fiction rock & roll (Android Love), rock operas (Berlin 1990), opened for Peggy Lee at the California State Fair, Crime and the Nerves at the Fab Mab, and tried to make their way in Los Angeles, competing for attention with spandexed hair-bands and mohawked poseurs.  And although they broke up in 1982, the band has remained friends and have played music together from time to time. 


In 2010, Ss Records released The Parabolic Rock, a double album retrospective of Ozzie proto-punk/art rock pastiche. They did a sold-out release show in Sacramento to accompany the release. More than 25 years after they had packed it in, Ozzie were are good as ever, sharp, powerful, and loud. It was a great show. We are happy to welcome Ozzie back to the stage for their first show in San Francisco since 1980 or so.  More about Ozzie.


Ozzie will be playing night two of SS15, Saturday, January 16, 2016.


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