Lil Bunnies

Lil Bunnies


No one knows who they are or where they came from. Rumor has it that the Lil Bunnies are the result of some crazed Bruce Banner-like military experiment...or just a bunch of guys who woke up drunk in some hutch. We don't know and they won't tell. 


There are some things that are clear: Lil Bunnies first appeared in the 1990 in Sacramento, California. They played a couple of very spirited shows and disrupted and Easter Day parade before making their first ep, one that made #1 in Rolling Stone magazine's alternative record chart. They followed that up with the well-timed Unabunnie ep and the Get Out Of My Bunnie Hole single, which Record Collector said sounded like it was recorded "at the bottom of a well." After a one-two punch of defiance - an LP that has been called both the worst record ever made and a work of pure genius, and a legendary performance at Gilman - the Bunnies disappeared. 


The Lil Bunnies appearance at SS15 is their one and only (unless someone decided to throw obscene amounts of cash at them).  More about the Lil Bunnies.


The Lil Bunnies will be playing Saturday, January 16.    

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