Spray Paint

Spray Paint


In the late '00, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth records started appearing in my mail box. I'd slap them on the turntable, listen to the Austin group's cool modern psych sounds, and get a few for the mail order.  Then in 2012, Cory emailed me that he and a couple of the other guys in the band had a side-project called Spray Paint, would I want to hear them? I said sure and he sent me a three song CDR.  


It was great shit: Immediate, energetic, fractured like a plate of glass glued back together with shards missing and sharp angles. I told Cory, I'd like to a single, but only if it was followed by another single and an album...and only if they were a real, working band - which at that point they weren't (they only had three songs!).  "Uh sure, we are a real band," and with that Spray Paint started putting out records on Ss. 


Spray Paint did two excellent singles and two satisfyingly sonic albums, did a few US tours, before sliding over to their hometown label and touring Europe, Japan, and Australia. All together they've made four singles and five albums. Not bad for side-project that pitched its first record when they only had three songs! Even better that the records rule and they've built up a very loyal fan base. 


Our Texas friends will be back on the West Coast recording with Chris Woodhouse, so I convinced them to do one show while they are here.  This will be their one and only West Coast appearance.  More about Spray Paint.


Spray Paint will be playing night one of SS15, Friday, January 15, 2016. 


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